Five items for your jewelry to be Coquette
Author: Francy Sanchez - 2 min read

Including pearls, thin chains with basic pendants, hearts, and bows, is a must in your jewelry collection this season since Coquette style is in trend. This fusion between a modern Barbie and the sensuality of a Korean animation has key accessories in her outfit that we want to share with you so that you look modern.

There are two aspects of this romantic trend. The conventional Coquette: extremely feminine with a pastel pink palette; chokers; fabric bows; pearl necklaces; thin chains with medals; plates with initials, crosses, hearts, or bow; and rings with shiny stones that combine with the rest of the accessories. On the other hand, the Dark Coquette is a variation that adds greater size to the chain pendants, more rows of pearls to the necklaces, and black or blood red in its color palette. Both are in high contrast to white.
Below, we show you the most popular items that every Coquette Girl has in their jewelry collection. So if you want to get into the trend, you should include these 5 accessories in your business:

Gold Bow Pendant
Its bow shape connects the pendant to various elements such as necklaces, bracelets, or personalized jewelry, adding aesthetic appeal and functionality. In addition, this versatile 18K gold pendant is beautified with round crystals; offering you the perfect combination of feminine and romantic charm of this trend.

Thin Chain with Pearls
Our delicate gold chain necklace, with pearl powder pearl details evenly spaced, is the infallible item for your Coquette outfit. Plated in 18K gold, this chain is designed with subtlety in mind, which allows you to highlight the beauty of each pearl. We assure you that it fits perfectly on any neckline with its adjustable closure.

Golden Heart & Pearl Earrings
Nothing says ‘Coquette’ like a pair of heart-shaped earrings hanging from your ears. Especially if they are beautified with a pearl of mother-of-pearl powder. With a sturdy back closure, they are designed to provide long-lasting femininity.

Heart & Pearl Ring
This ring has a golden heart delicately surrounded by dazzling crystals. An expression of love and luxury in a single piece plated in 18K gold that complements your romantic style of this season.

Gold Pearl Bracelet
If you want to further solidify your Coquette aesthetic, you just have to add this bracelet that fuses the timeless beauty of pearls with the luxury of 18K gold. If it also has a crystal heart, it adds a more feminine tone to your look.
It seems that Coquette aesthetic has a few more weeks left on the fashion podium. Houses like Chanel, Giambattista Valli, and Jean Paul Gaultier were inspired by this trend during Fashion Week in Paris in recent days. That's why if you want to offer a trendy look in your jewelry or you like the accessories you choose to complete your day's outfit to match the season, we leave you our Coquette catalog to inspire you to wear this feminine collection

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